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Having the best travel insurance is very important.  Give it the time it deserves in your travel plans.  So many people want to plan the great holiday, but ignore this area.  Hopefully, you never need it, but if you do, I can’t begin to tell you what it will mean to you.

If you think you already have coverage through your work or credit cards, please review your policy, and be sure you truly have the best travel insurance for your needs.
I can’t tell you how often when I convince someone to do this, they discover things they did not know, that could make their coverage not in effective.  Many policies through credit cards or your coverage through your work, have clauses that the insurer must be advised when you travel.  I personally have been on a trip with someone, whom I encouraged to read their policy, only to discover mid trip when they eventually did read it, that in fact their policy was not in effect; a simple phone call would have been all they had to do.  Now they were out of country with no insurance coverage.  I slept well knowing I had the best travel insurance for me.

It might be as simple as fine print that says you must advise them prior to leaving on the trip. There are others, but please don’t make any assumption when it comes to this.
As well this insurance may not cover the value of your trip.

When I worked in travel, clients were always surprised at how affordable travel insurance actually is. You can do this online so simply, just take a few minutes and you will get a quote based on what you’re looking to cover. Your medical only, trip cancellation, etc. Home medical insurance may not be effective when you are traveling.

• Protect your health
• Your family
• Your trip investment

Specifically for Canadians:

Travel Guard

• Generally you are leaving up to 90% of your government health insurance coverage when you leave Canada for example
• Only a portion of your medical expenses are covered by your plan when you travel domestically within Canada outside of your home province.
• Medical costs outside of Canada can be very expensive and medical bills can quickly add up. For example, United States hospitals can charge over $5,000 per day for in-patient care.

Don’t rely on your credit card coverage:   

• Look closely at limits on coverage and travel duration.
Group plans don’t always provide adequate coverage
• Group plans often will not provide trip cancellation, trip interruption, or lost luggage coverage – or adequately cover costs
• Group plans usually provide coverage for a small portion of emergency medical expenses while traveling.
Assistance services are essential
• I want a travel insurance provider who gives me true 24/7 travel and emergency assistance services.
• Peace of mind that many services will be available to you, learn what they are so in the event you need them you realize they are available to you.  
Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency
Get the best travel insurance for your needs!

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    1. Your welcome Lindsay! I print off two paper copies of my insurance documents. One is left at home or with someone else, and one goes with me. If I travel with someone else, I tell them where it is kept; just in case it was needed. That is why we take insurance, right?

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