How can I hide my valuables when I travel?

I frequently asked myself, how can I hide my valuables when I travel? But now I have found products to help me do just that. Watch soon for a post on women traveling safely!  As a single woman most of my life, this I see as one we must pay attention to, and keep traveling!

I found that on my body, was the best way to hide my valuables when I travel.  But how can we do that easily, comfortably, and discreetly?  I still wanted to look nice, and be comfortable.

Both at home going out to places one needs to set their purse down, or when I travel, I always wish I had better options for safe spots to put money and credit cards. I like to dance, but that has meant leaving a purse unattended…never a good idea, especially when you travel and are in unknown restaurants and bars.  So I decided it was time to get serious about finding the best options to hide my valuables while I travel.

Hiding valuables in your Sholdit neck scarf! Who would suspect this great hiding spot.

This Sholdit pocketed scarf gives some hidden storage. It has one zippered section, and folds into itself as a clutch.  Add style and hide your valuables while you travel, with no risk of setting them down anywhere.

This band is smoother and much wider than all the one’s I have examined so far. So rides smoother on your body ad holds more in a flatter way so it won’t look bulky while it holds your valuables. Looks like a part of your outfit, I’m loving this one!

A bra stasher!  Completely hidden, can also be used on panties to hide small valuables.

I hope I helped you find some awesome ways to hide your valuables while you travel!  At home as well of course.  Click on any of the images and order now.