Sun Protective Clothing

Sun Protective clothing, convenient travel clothes & accessories can make a trip so much better.  I have been very focused on easy care, multi-purpose and sun protective clothing and accessories for myself.  It keeps life simpler, for stress free travel, and reducing my risk of sun exposure.

I recently was doing an outdoor work project and was rudely reminded to research and order online, some more sun protective clothing for home and away and all outdoor adventures.

I found this amazing sun protective hat today, and loved it so much I had to put it at the top of this page! If you love hats, and want a very feminine, stylish, high quality and sun protective UVF hat, you must check this out.  $30 less than in the store I was in today, when you click the image.

It flattens for easy packing, and really was the most flattering hat.  There is an interior sweat band that can be removed as well.  This line of hats is very nice quality, well made of good materials and well worth adding to any stylish women’s wardrobe.  And a tad flirty looking to boot.

A vest can be so useful when your travelling, so if you don’t generally wear them, give it a try! Ditch the dainty stuff for when you have arrived ladies, and dress practical for the journey.  For years I thought a vest with many pockets would be ideal for travel, but I couldn’t find one anywhere.

So here it is! Unbelievably, 42 pockets to help me always travel with only carry on luggage.  A place for all of the little items, that really add up when you start tossing them in the bag.  The house keys, change, money, need a credit card handy for taxis, kleenex, ipod, passport, I.D., eye shield and ear plugs for handy access, glasses….well my small list just keeps going.

It even has protective pocket for the credit cards, as well as is weight distributed so it balances on your body well.  Put it on, then decide which pocket certain things should go in so your organized, and will remember where everything is.  Now all the things you need while in travel mode are right on your body.  Not like what happened to me recently when I got on the plane, and then kept discovering small things I needed were in the bag in the overhead.  That didn’t do me much good until I could get at them during the flight, or by disrupting other passengers which I try to avoid doig.

Sometimes you just need a little extra warmth, but not a coat, need some extra pocket space, connect to your devices. This one is super sharp looking and very comfy.

Sun protective pants are a must for me after a bad burn with regular materials while on a beach vacation!

I had applied sunscreen, and I had hid in the shade all day as well. It is just so intense for our skin when we are not used to warmer sunnier locations.  The risk of skin damage is not worth it, nor the implications of ruining any part of our valuable vacation or activity time.    These are very light, soft against the skin, and have a zinc oxide protection.  With a draw string waist, they also provide comfort and my typical add a few pounds while on holiday mode!
Land and pool! Both chlorine and salt water protected.  This is easy care, can dry on a line. Or draped over a patio chair which is usually what happens with mine.

Stylish and sun protective clothing, Coolibar  has a large line of items, swim jackets, swim clothes, skirts, jackets, tops, pants….. look over this line!