Anti-Aging Products

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Consultant, this will be an ever-expanding post.  Yes, I don’t always eat perfectly, and that is no different when I travel, but I do pack my favorite Anti-aging products.   I don’t want to waste valuable travel time looking for them once I arrive.  Just order before I leave to have plenty!

I have to start a healthy coffee with anti-aging properties.  The bullet proof coffee products fits the bill.  It turns out, most coffee is made from moldy coffee beans and this makes coffee bitter as well as unhealthy.  As well, increase the healthy fat in your coffee and jump-start your day in a healthy way and this one might top the list of anti-aging products that tastes awesome and kick starts my day.

They state their mission as to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

Their claim is that their supplements, foods, and technologies are as pure as you can get, and that you will expect to feel a difference in how you perform the first time you use them.  Environmentally conscious as well as ethically sourced, their products are a fit for those socially and ethically conscious.

I love this bundle as it gives me the collagen, protein and coffee together!  These of course are super popular with all anti-aging product fans, as well if you are also living a keto diet lifestyle.

My travel mug is used everyday and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, so go prepared for more convenience and enjoyment.  Why not be able to enjoy your coffee as much while you are away, as when you’re at home. I want mine to stay hot, and really enjoy it.  For heaven’s sake, I can actually linger over my coffee and really enjoy it while on vacation. Single serve perfectly paired with the mug as well.  What’s not to love!


 Be sure to rinse and wash regularly!   Click on the above to purchase this anti-aging product and start your day off right!