My Favourites! A must have is #1!

My Favourites # 1: This is who I always use for my travel insurance, and do annual plans with.  After being trained on various travel insurance providers, this always came in with rates that surprised my clients and became their insurer of choice for every trip.  Always mine, and I prefer to do annual plans.  Easy to do yourself online, but if you have questions they are readily available by phone.  It couldn’t be easier!

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency
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Travel Guard

As a travel agent I learned that I had not been covered properly when I had traveled, and was shocked to learn that.  I discovered:

  • how many people think they are covered by work or credit cards and are in fact not!
  • how affordable coverage was for all of my clients
  • how well protected one can actually be
  • and be protected against cancelling trips and losing luggage
Great Savings on Airport Parking!
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My Favourites #2!  The additional cost to get to the airport, or park there, was rather expensive for me, until I heard about Park ‘n Fly.
I had to be talked into trying this, but discovered how great it was! Way cheaper, convenient, and safe for my vehicle.

My Favourites #3!

Travel in style! I fell in love with this amazing line of bags. Eco friendly too!

This co. lives by the motto "live beautifully" and uses recycled products to make the most luxurious bags you can imagine. A vegan product, and the linings are made from recycled plastic bottles. If ethics and sustainability drive you, then pick there products.

My favourites #4!  Wheel your golf clubs in style and comfort!

My favourites #5!  Ski and poles should be in a good padded bag, and this is so much better than how I used to protect the tips and tails with old ski mitts!

My favourites #6!  If you love style and are eco conscious, I think you will love this bag! The size is very good for your personal bag on airlines.  The ever popular cork, vegan, holds up to 7″ tablet too!

My favourites #7!  This isn’t specifically for travel, but being organized at home makes getting ready a lot easier! What an amazing idea this is, and I can keep working on eliminating written lists for shopping.

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My favourites # 8!  I have been super happy with my bluehost hosting, so click here if your starting your own website or blog!