6 steps to Carry on luggage!

I love to travel with only carry on luggage, and if you think you cannot do this, I am going to ask you to be open minded!  6 Steps to Carry on luggage will help you achieve this goal. I always end up with an extra outfit, and usually have 4 or 5 pairs of footwear with me.

Carry on luggage to travel light is the way to go!  A recent trip to Florida for two weeks, I needed everything from beach items, so water shoes and sandals, hats, etc. to heels and dressier clothing for fancier dinners out and dancing. I was meeting my dance partner, who I rarely get to see, so dancing shoes (2 pairs) were first in the bag.

Always find out the measurements and any weight restrictions for air travel, and I strongly advise adhering to them.
Yes, you will see many people with oversized purses and bags; but if airline staff wants, to they can reject it,  and charge you for it.

6 Steps for carry on luggage:

1. type of travel your doing ( cruise, car travel, airline, backpacking all mean very different needs)
2. carry on luggage you can lift and carry yourself
3. is it sturdy, and easy to open and close,  find your things inside             4. compression bags, travel organizers
5. learn to roll and pack (more under “Packing Tips”
6. try it on for size! can you manage your bags? I fly with a rolling suitcase style and one medium size purse (never exceeding my airlines provided dimensions)

Go to my “Product Reviews” tab and it starts with carry on luggage, and let’s solve the ability to travel with greater ease and simplification, so we can focus on the purpose of our travel.   Consider a smart bag like this one!  Be connected, don’t lose your bag, track it!!!!  For modern travelers.

  Did you click here to purchase this amazing carry on luggage? I hope you found some helpful ideas in 6 steps for carry on luggage.