How to pack for a cruise?

How to pack for a cruise?
Answer: way less!!!!!!!

Try the following to pack for a cruise:

  • have the right size luggage & packing organizer
  • ask others who have been to the same or similar places
  • check the weather you can anticipate just before you leave
  • check the area & stops on the internet and what you might do on excursions
  • realistically, what activities might you do
  • visualize how you see your days from morning until bedtime

Before you think about how to pack for a cruise, ask yourself the following:

•Are you staying on board the ship the whole time? You may only need casual shoes and one dressier pair for dining room and evenings of dressier attire.
• Leaving the ship? Good walking shoes a must! Layers as you may not be able to predict the temperatures. When you leave the ship, it may be breezy on the boat that transports you in which is sometimes the case.
Let’s try to alleviate your concerns and how to pack for a cruise.

Power strip: if you need to plug in your cell phone, e-reader, tablet, camera, etc. you will find a shortage of outlets, so taking a small power strip along can really help.

Extra hangers: the average closet has 8 of them. If your good with that, or do as I do, and double or triple hang items, as well as most of my clothes will be rolled for packing and easier to keep many of them that way at the bottom of the closet instead of using hangers. You may need a hanger for a damp coat or bathing suit. (let drip of course in the shower area first)

Formal attire:If you plan to take in formal dining then you will need something dressier than your casual attire which you will primarily wear on board the ship. I like to do formal dining most evenings, but take separates or a plain black cocktail dress that is changed up with different shawl or over top, jewellery etc. Everything but the black cocktail dress should go with other outfits or purposes.
This also allows for attending an on shore function that is dressier if you so desire.
This is a rare opportunity for many of us to dress up, so enjoy doing it, and enjoy this additional service and be pampered!

Sun protection: you will probably spend a lot of time outdoors, so go prepared with a good quality sunscreen, and sunglasses. Re-apply, and remember to put it on before you leave your cabin…it takes time to absorb and work properly.

A sun care kit all ready to go!

Pack not only current medication, plus some for additional days in case there was any delay. If it is a very important medication, I would have at least an extra week with me in case of any emergency. But also add, some basics you may need. Yes, you may be able to purchase on the ship, but much better to have handy and with you. When you have a headache do you really want to try and find where to buy these, and take the time to go and do it? No! Have yours packed.
• Pain relievers & headache pills
• Anti nausea
• All regularly taken vitamins & supplements

Smart shoes: travel in good walking shoes! There is a fair bit of walking to arrive at the port of departure, board the ship, get to your cabin, and take a tour of the ship. You need sturdy and comfortable footwear. If you get blisters, pack moleskin, shoe liners, etc. and bandages.

• Travel with good walking shoe
• Sandal, flip flop, or water shoe
• Dressy shoes for formal dining, dancing, or dressier evenings

If you plan to hike, golf or workout in the gym, consider this as well. But perhaps that can be the travel shoe.

Remember, everything needs to be double and triple duty, and pack light!

Gift cards are an awesome gift for anyone going on a cruise soon!

I hope you have some better ideas now on how to pack for a cruise!