Packing for trips & other pre-trip organizing


Packing for trips, and the other preparations don’t have to be that difficult. It’s just a matter of preparing ahead and getting well organized, and having the right travel luggage and organization items.

Check existing luggage, purses, travel gear for condition and suitability for this trip.  Are they clean? All wheels working well?  Do a trial run on the packing and be sure it will fit properly.

Consider your needs before packing for trips.  Perhaps the above carry on bag that allows for easy connectivity, and tracking your luggage might prove helpful to you.

Decide if you are traveling with pets or children (make all arrangements for travel or other options) Any immunizations for either?
Source pet friendly accommodation if required
Source pet friendly airlines and other transportation providers
Arrange all travel arrangements (flights, transportation, hotels) both there and back
Finalize all medical appointments, fill prescriptions required, getting extra in case of any travel delays
Research best travel insurance, and book it immediately
Check luggage size, carry on particularly, and if world travel  is involved check all transportation providers for size of luggage allowed prior to packing for trips
Photocopy all your I.D., and passports, health insurance, travel tickets and confirmations
Share the above with a family member, and leave one copy at home, and take a copy with you and store in another location than where your I.D. will be while you travel. A good backup plan!
Any checking up on your home? Mail and newspapers stopped or collected by someone, snow shoveling, plant watering.
Advise any neighbors or family members of your travel plans, with compete contact information of where you are staying, phone numbers, etc.
Reminder notes for day prior to travel, and day of (turning water tank heater down, turning water off, closing and locking windows, etc.
Refer to packing list
Catch up on laundry one week in advance
Plan packing day (make your bed up and lay everything out on it…allow lots of relaxed time so you can plan, and pack light!
Lay out appropriate clothes to travel in (if by plane, it may be cool or hot and you will appreciate layers, and options, so plan ahead for comfort)
Lay out all clothes appropriate before packing for trips
Do you need snacks while traveling
Double check all your I.D. is current (passports should have a minimum of six months after your return date still on them, don’t get caught at the last minute!
Cash, travelers checks, cell phone plan updates
Pay any bills which will come due
Clean out the refrigerator
Review your lists! Double check! All before packing for trips.
 Ooops! I forgot a book and reading glasses, eye shield, ear plugs.
 Yes, review again.  Visualize your day, what you need.

Packing organizers make packing for trips so much easier, as well as staying organized where you stay, re-packing, and always knowing where your specific items are.