Pet travel products

Pet travel products can make traveling with pets so much easier than ever before!   First, I just have to remind you about this.  Leaving any pet in a car unattended can bring safety issues.  In minutes a car can overheat even with the windows down!  You could get delayed and be longer than you expect.  So please, in warm weather, do not leave any animal in the car.  There own body heat drives the vehicle temperature up rapidly.

Plan ahead with pet travel products to avoid surprises.  Check and be prepared if your crossing borders, flying, staying in hotels or renting vehicles.  Walk through the trip in your mind, visualizing the events you will do, how the day will go, and try to see the things you may need to plan for.  You and your pet will enjoy the trip if you plan properly.

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We pet owners have many decisions to make on whether to take our pet, or, find a pet hotel at home.  It is wise to think through this realistically, for both you and your pet.  Travel in a car brings considerations from safety, to fur in the vehicle, and keeping the pet still and calm.


I like this item for all those reasons!

The hours I spent vacuuming and cleaning up pet hair in our car was just crazy, and I always thought, there must be a better way.  Now at last there is!  Pet travel products are available for every imaginable need and desire.

I always remember my first agonizing experience when I was going away on a ski trip, and had to find a good place to leave my Golden Retriever.  Usually we were either flying, or ski places didn’t often allow dogs, so there was no alternative for us but to look for a good kennel.  After visiting many I did find a good one, and it is well worth going to a number and comparing.  You will feel so much better while your away, knowing your special pet is in a good and comfortable place.

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This is just a guideline of things to think about, you may find even more to add.
• The challenge of traveling with pets, traveling with dogs especially challenging with larger breeds
• the cost to fly a dog to your destination
• finding pet friendly airlines & pet friendly hotels
• how well do dogs on planes do, flying with dogs is more challenging in    many cases
• Pet friendly hotels, and specifically dog friendly for their outdoor visits
• Consult with your vet regarding your specific pet
• Selecting proper carriers, totes,kennels, beds and supplies

Selecting the right pet travel products is a necessity for the most comfort and safety for your pet, and peace of mind for you! Let’s make this as easy as possible and see the best choices in pet travel products available! I know from experience there are lots of nice pet friendly hotels that both you and your pet can enjoy, and will add to your pet travel experience.
In fact, in the dog friendly hotels I used, I found many other hotel visitors wanted to meet my dog, some who were away from home on business and couldn’t bring their dog, were glad to pat mine. Mine loved meeting all these new friends!

Traveling with dogs needs careful consideration, due to potential barking issues and access for quick outdoor visits.  Give consideration to what floor you are on.  I found a flight or two of stairs was fine, and gave us a little different exercise, but every pet owner and each pet needs to be considered.

Often I found a room at the back of the hotel was better and easier access to the back stairwell, to the parking lot if you have a vehicle there, and often a grassy spot to take your pet.

Pet friendly accommodation is key so we all feel welcome, and dog friendly accommodation a necessity for guilt free peace of mine travel.

Travel with pets can be awesome if we carefully make the choice appropriate for our pet, for us, the specific trip involved, and we plan well. Don’t forget to take photos all the way along, pets love vacations too!

There are so many great pet travel products for your pet’s use, I am going to simply show you many of them here to be sure you know some of the things that are available to you. I didn’t know many of these existed!

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Click on the photo for details of this dog kennel!
Click on the golden! Sorry, I don’t think this cutey pie is included!

I wish I had this with my 105 lb. Golden who could work his way out of anything! This folds down nicely.  Comes in medium and large, and easy to clean.
This one is used more than other types for dog trials.  It can be chewed so not for chewers unless your ready to train them not to.  Dogs seem to love the soft side, and I think is safer from potential injury if that might be a concern.

For dog carrier details, click on the photo!

This is more expensive than many available, but great for air travel and if you like trendy stylish, this might be for you!  Many awesome features to make your pet/s comfortable.

Just click on the pet stroller for details!

An awesome looking pet stroller, and works well for anyone a bit taller which is often a problem with most styles.

Keep moving even with the slow pokes!  These have excellent wheels for good maneuverability.


Your vet can be a good source of information to help you decide if travel is good for your pet.  I hope you found some useful Pet Travel Products to Travel safe and have fun with your pet!