About me!

Hello, my name is Emma, and thank you for visiting my website! I love to travel, though have not done nearly enough. I think as a single, mature woman, the lack of travel companions has limited my travels, though when I worked in the Travel Industry I did a bit more, and that created a desire to find more ways to travel and learn anything that relates to it.

I first, am a person who loves the outdoors and all that it brings and can mean. Having been raised in a very outdoor, and active family, I experienced nature and the elements my whole life. It may have started out exploring remote places my Dad wanted to fish and explore, but it left me with a strong desire to visit and experience new places.

Whether it is the new scenery, filled with trees and wildlife unlike at home, the way people live in other places, the diversified geography and cultures, there are just so many things to stimulate the senses.

Having enjoyed everything from cruises, to coach touring in Australia, kayak tripping, sleeping in 5 star, rustic cabins, tents or snug in a small sailboat, I enjoy any and all of these. Perhaps you enjoy some of these too!

Several years ago when I was teaching a course on Group Travel to a young group at a City Seniors Center, I realized how great it was to not only teach, but to share knowledge and information with each other. Everyone has experienced different things while traveling which can help others so much!

What are the best ways to deal with some of the headaches that can happen. I remember a fellow travel agents brand new suitcase (a lovely gift from her husband for the trip) bursting open and everything tumbling out, while we are moving rapidly from place to place.

So my website will be all about all aspects of travel, and I hope to offer you tips and ideas that may prove helpful to you if you should need them. I will try to answer all questions to the best of my ability, or look into the topic for you!

Now, let’s all prepare to enjoy travel more!

Safe Travels! Emma