Luggage Reviews to end your travel rage!

Carry on luggage review ( I like to do two weeks of travel with many choices of clothing, with just carry on luggage).  There is nothing like luggage problems to fuel travel rage!

These are my top choices for new luggage, filling a variety of needs.  If your priority is basic & affordable, tech wiz features, life long durability & life long warranty, easy wheel on garment bag, read on!

Dauphine carry on!  I give this one a 5 STAR rating!  In this very affordable price range, it was the best.  I would never again purchase lower priced products, and no doubt as you will see both durability and features increase with the price, providing more benefits you may need.

I wanted a carry on that met the new size requirements, that airlines have, but mine were either to big, or way to small. As I usually only do carry on luggage, I want to maximize my space and need the perfect bag.  This started my vigilence on luggage reviews.

My requirements:
  • easy to lift to the overhead without any assistance (I am not very tall) This bag is Less than 4 lbs.
  • square shape with little inner compartments which reduce space and add weight. One inside, one outside, keeps weight down.
  • preferably 4 wheels, hopefully replaceable. Wheels performed well on carpet and hard surfaces, ran smoothly.
  • soft side (they can handle some pressure), & well made.  Very sturdy & well constructed.
  • SIZE: less than 22″ x 14″ x 9″ which my typical airline, and others accept.  Just under!
  • preferably identifiable.  It is more cranberry, and easier to spot in the sea of dark luggage on the carousel and trolley.
  • The appearance is good for men or women, and is excellent value at this price.  Don’t buy the cheap stuff, it just simply breaks on you, and generally mid travel which is really a problem.

Bluesmart when the latest technology beats weight and space, the business savy travelers must check Bluesmart out.  This rates high on my luggage reviews for amazing technology.

I rate 4.75 stars!  The most amazing for technology though,though lost a bit for me on the weight. But the average business male traveler, will not care about that, most likely at all, and will love this so much for your business travel, it will be your only carry on for all trips.

This is for you if:

  • being powered up and able to work efficiently as you travel is top priority
  • weight not as important
  • risk of loss high priority
  • your a leader in technology & trend setting
Product Dimensions 9 x 14 x 22 inches; 8.8 pounds
Shipping Weight 12.1 pounds
  •  Battery with 2 USB charging ports, charges your devices up to six times over
  •  3G + GPS tracking, can locate your suitcase anywhere in the world.
  • Weight:  built-in scale in the suitcase’s handle allows you to weigh it through the app.
  • Remote digital lock means you can lock/unlock the suitcase using your phone. 
  • meet international requirements for carry on size; ideal for 2-3 day trips
  • Water-resistant polycarbonate exterior designed to withstand extensive travel.

Briggs & Riley Sympatico International Spinner gets five stars! Check out their lifetime warranty!

This gets top rating from me!  Their warranty sold me on it, even airport damage covered.

Here is a direct copy of what they say on their website.  “At Briggs & Riley we believe our customers are family. When you’re family, you do what’s right. It’s been our philosophy since day one. And in typical family fashion, we believe in looking out for one another. That’s why we’re the only luggage company to offer a lifetime repair guarantee on all our bags – simple as that. If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, we will repair it free of charge. You see, to us, the phrase “lifetime guarantee” is more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a sign of our integrity.”  Again, this is from their website quote.

Strong materials, 95% Nylon/3% Aluminum/2% Rubber, with a nylon lining.
This company prides themselves combining versatility and world class endurance. The Baseline offers distinctive pieces that work well together to provide your required solutions.
Packing capacity is increased with their CX expansion compression system.
Greater interior capacity, with easy access pocket for items you need to reach quickly or often.
Four durable double swivel wheels allows 360 degree navigation with ease.
Size works well for carry on at 21x15x9

Andiamo Avanti Collection: 20″ carry on spinner, I give a glowing 5 stars!

Andiamo prides themselves in seeking the latest innovation and using the top materials and components to provide meticulous craftsmen.  They want you to be proud of the luggage you travel with!  They maintain their reputation of “Luggage that is engineered to take on the World”.  Exceeding your expectations is their goal.

  • 100% Duramax Nylon
  • Imported
  • 20″ high x 9″ wide
  • Constructed in 100 percent duramax nylon exterior with top grain leather trim and touch points
  • wheel systems (high mile silicon injection) provide the maximum control and maneuverability on all terrain
  • Airplane grade aluminum, cushioned handle system, dual lock/unlock buttons, for left or right hand, recessed for perfect balance
  • Zippers and thin guard (made in the USA) trusted by our military and first responders with waterproof and dust proof qualities
  • Covered by an extra mile lifetime warranty
ECBC Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag, gets a 5 star +! It is carry on and can roll! I could not find another one like this.

Also provides easy access, TSA-friendly Laptop section that holds up to a 15″
9 pounds
Product Dimensions 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Quick charge pocket
  • ECBC Fast Pass Technology
  • ECBC Portable Power Pack
  • Self Repairing YKK Zippers
  • 15″ Laptop with Removable Modular Insert to fit smaller devices
  • iPad/Tablet Pocket, which has a removable Modular Insert for smaller devices
  • High Density Protective Foam in Laptop & Tablet Pocket
Checked luggage bags & sets!

Burton Wheelie Sub Travel Bag, what a find! Definetly a 5 star from me!

I actually found this bag accidentally, but loved the unique look, and fell in love with this bag completely. You will either love the look, or you won’t!  I love hide and leather looks, plus it looked incredibly solid and could handle the banging around of air travel.  Looked like if anything marked it, would just give it a fine patina!  Feel like I could own this a lifetime.

  • Two separate sections inside: a couple could share keeping their items still separate!
  • 100% Polyester
  • IXION wheel system, EVA/TPU back panels provides very sturdy protection
  • Fabrication: 105/2×3 Cotton Canvas / 900D Polyester PU2 [Beagle Brown Colorway]
  • External Side Compression Straps, Hideaway Snake Stack External Backpack Attachment, Contoured Zipper Pulls Fit TSA-Approved Locks
  • Storage Pocket Accessible from Inside and Outside, Internal Mesh Divider, Storable ID Tag
  • Volume: 116L
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Dimensions: [31in x 17.5in x 15.5in]

Like a walk-in closet with wheels. Team-tested for month-long tours with stretch CRAM™ zone zippers to fit extra everything, plus a design that splits in two to avoid airline overweight fees.

Like a walk-in closet with wheels, the Burton Wheelie Sub roller bag is perfect for month-long journeys (or just really heavy packers). Volume-enhancing CRAM™ stretch zipper zones mean room for packing extra everything. The compartmentalized Double Down™ upper deck fully separates into a separate bag for easy carrying and organization of clothes and everyday travel gear. IXION™ skate wheels are built to tackle rough terrain, while the SnakeStack™ strap lets you piggy back an extra bag. Also includes lockable, contoured zipper pulls, and a low-profile telescoping handle for easy maneuvering.

  • 840D Polyester PU2 Coated [Famish Stripe Colorway]
  • 105/2×3 Cotton Canvas / 900D Polyester PU2 [Beagle Brown Colorway]
  • 1682D Nylon PU2 Coated [True Black Colorway]
  • IXION™ Wheel System
  • PU Back Panels for Rugged Protection
  • Double Down™: Separates Bag in Half
  • Comfort Cush Telescoping Handle
  • Volume-Enhancing CRAM™ Zones
  • External Side Compression Straps
  • Hideaway SnakeStack™ External Backpack Attachment
  • Lockable, Contoured Zipper Pulls Fit TSA-Approved Locks
  • Storage Pocket Accessible from Inside and Outside
  • Internal Mesh Divider
  • Stowable ID Tag

Ninewest Luggage Element 9 Four Piece Luggage Set, I rate 5 star!

I love that this set has a gender neutral pattern, so ideal for couples to share.  Great look! And the wheels were solid and moved smoothly.

  • 4 wheel spinner system, very easy rolling 51% Cotton/49% Polyester
  • telescoping handles recess, with a push button locking mechanism I found easy to use
  • expandable for extra capacity; two exterior pockets, top and side handles
  • cotton 51%, polyester 49% makes for easy spot cleaning
  • Interiors are fully lined and feature built-in shoe pockets, a removable cinch shoe bag, mesh pocket, adjustable valet straps, and a zip away tote
  • Tote features a fully lined interior and a padded laptop section


Columbia Chill out 3 piece, 4.5 star! Best for sport look at lower affordable prices for budget conscious consumer, with in line wheels!   Super easy to spot which is yours!

  • 100% Polyester, imported set
  • Water repellant exterior, top and side handles
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Interior is fully lined with two pockets with valet straps that keep items secure while traveling
  • Exterior front pocket for quick access 
  • In line skate wheels and push-button locking trolley handle
  • Durable & lightweight construction

Nautica Weatherboard, 5 pc. gets 5 stars from me!

Beyond all the great features, and well made, it simply has a style all its own, and a timeless style at that

  • Imported
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Four wheel spinner system for easy maneuvering
  • Push button locking trolley handle
  • Fully lined interiors featuring multi use pocket, a hanger clip and removable toiletry pouch
  • 35 x16 x22

Anne Klein Newport 4 piece set, is definetly getting 5 Stars! and they have other great pieces if your a collector of good travel pieces, and want the Anne Klein style!

I hope I have been able to help you choose what luggage will be best for beach resort, ski & golf, kayak & camping trips, to anything in between, we will offer reviews, choices and quick click purchases to get you on your way!

But you have to pick the destination of your dreams!

Let me help you with,

  • carry on luggage sets
  • best backpack choices
  • rolling luggage
  • hand luggage
  • duffle bags
  • leather retro travel bags
  • specialty areas, artist, kayakers, bus travellers, safety pacs

Let’s talk about:

Packing & Organizing

Travel Insurance: see my Post on the side on Insurance Advice and the link here for my favourite travel insurance.  I do annual plans for convenience, and so I won’t forget!Travel Guard Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency
Women traveling alone
Solo Travel
Seniors Travel
Traveling with pets: see my Post on the side on Pet Travel

Sports & Adventure Travel products: see side Posts for specific articles as they become available.

I really like knowing my sports equipment is in good solid padded bags, so when it gets tossed around at the airport, I know it is well protected.  What is the point of having good equipment, and risk it getting damaged?


Luggage Care:

Hardside Care: cleaning can be done using a gentle soap, with warm water, and rinse well of course. Always use a soft cloth. You can wax after it is well dry with any good silicone based automobile or furniture polish and it will preserve the appearance.
Do not use the combination polish cleaner type products.

Softside Care: a mild soap can be used to spot clean. Something gentle like a dish soap and water solution. If the stain does not come out, you can try a product you use on your clothing for spot removal. Be sure to air it well after so you don’t have any lingering odor. If any odours exist, perhaps from storage in basements, or attics, give a spritz of white vinegar and water, and let dry completely before closing. 5 parts mixture is good. There are good products that can also be placed inside the bags for storage, and absorb smells. Also good for shoes!

Storing your Product: Avoid rooms that are humid or have odours in them. A good clean room, will keep your luggage and gear lasting, and looking good for years. Extreme temperatures are not ideal as it will age the materials. If you do not use the items often, take them out of storage once in awhile, open them up and air out well. Avoiding mildew is essential.


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