Buy In-flight Entertainment now!

In-flight Entertainment isn’t always something we plan for, and then regret it.  While flying, or waiting for flights, I love to read and catch up.  It’s a great time to do that, as there is no feeling that I should be doing anything else.  High resolution display, with a built in light which saves carry another device or straining your eyes, and with page press so you don’t have to turn the page.

Click on the Kindle Voyage with light for further details!

I like to be self sufficient when I travel; be in charge of my own In-flight entertainment. When I only went away for a few days, I didn’t mind packing one book, but I find now I want a novel, (or several), and perhaps some learning materials.  I traded my love of holding an actual hard copy book, for being able to have an assortment of books right with me.

  Or relax with a good show! What a great time to catch up on shows you love, or try something totally different.  I find a variety of activities, a bit of reading, a movie or show, or perhaps a game, really breaks up the time.  And if you encounter a delay in your travel, which can happen for so many different reasons, the delay can be relaxing and stress free if you have something quick and easy.  Again, if your in control of your own in-flight entertainment, it doesn’t matter whether the airline supplies any, or that it is working properly, your still good to go.

Scrabble for travel, click on the picture for details!

Do you love scrabble?  Well, so do I, and now I can play when I fly with someone else, and play while away!  Awesome.

This comes in a handy case, with a tile lock system, so it is easy to put away and come back and finish your game.  How handy is that?

Again, it is the mix of in-flight entertainment that keeps us from getting bored, which of course is part of what can be very tiring when we travel.

Of course, there are so many different activities we can do.  If we are not behind the wheel, whether riding in a car, flying in a plane, or by rail, sleeping may not be your thing, so plan a little ahead and really enjoy the relaxation time.  For me, I really look forward to it, as my schedule is very busy most of the time.  So it is actually a luxury to just sit and not have to do too much.  Sometimes I do work on my laptop on a flight, but I try not to do that too often and take in the down time instead.

Other in-flight entertainment options:

  • play cards
  • knit or crochet
  • write a personal note or letter to someone
  • adult coloring books (I bought my first one and a nice set of pencils the other day)
  • listen on an i pod
  • sleep of course
  • chat or text
  • daydream
  • crossword or sidoku books

Always take charge of your own In-Flight Entertainment!